Press & Interviews



Wandering Workers Interview about living and working in Costa Rica

Freelance Rush Interview about the trials and triumphs of freelance writing.

Healthy Artists Profile about past works, focusing on reporting career and photojournalism

Yinzspiration Interview about Pittsburgh, food, friends, and the future of the city

City Paper Interview about The Archipelago: A Balkan Passage

Prosody Interview about The Archipelago and Wander (not yet available)

Reviews & Features

Feature about The Trail (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Feature about The Pittsburgh Monologue Project (Pittsburgh Magazine)

Review of The Archipelago (New Pages)

Review of The Archipelago (Pittsburgh Magazine)

Review of The Archipelago (performance, Coal Hill Review)

Review of The Archipelago (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Review of Wander (Aforementioned Productions)

Review of Air

Review of Erudite Englishman Seeks


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