“The Mountain” Trailer is Live!

About nine months ago, I had this wild idea to climb Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the contiguous 48 states. There were some considerations:

  1. At approximately 14,500 ft., Mt. Whitney is only slightly higher than dozens of mountains in Colorado, the fact of which Coloradans never fail to remind me.
  2. This is also only half the elevation of Mt. Everest.
  3. Nevertheless, 14,500 ft. is more than twice the elevation I have ever stood in my adult life.
  4. Note I say “twice the elevation” and not “twice as high,” because granola mountaineers aren’t always sure what I’m talking about.
  5. Anyway, I filmed the endeavor in early April, and the rough-cut is nearly complete.
  6. This is the trailer that I patched together. I really like it…
  7. …even though it is somewhat misleading, as trailers are wont to be. Did I actually tumble down a glacier? Maybe, maybe not.
  8. Actually, I hope that the movie is more about the desire to climb mountains, the openness of the West, and knowing when to make a tough decision.
  9. Some people assumed that “tough decision” was “sawing off my own arm with a Swiss army knife.” Which no fewer than three friends insinuated I would have to do.
  10. What is NOT included in the trailer: My dear friends Lo Williams and Karl Vanderwood, plus the brilliant Christopher Langley, who all talked about their experiences in the West and basically make the film awesome.
  11. Enjoy!

Backward Party The Introducing


The following appeared in The Pitt News,

April 1, 2001. The paper’s satirical April Fool’s issue

is an annual tradition, a favorite among editors

and students alike. That said, this particular piece

infuriated readers for being too difficult to read.

“Yours rub I’ll and, back my rub you,” goes adage the as: Democracy any to component essential an is Backwardness. Falter us let not will world the that hope we, future our whatever but.

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