Most recently, Isenberg has ventured into public radio and podcasting. He has worked as host, producer, and podcaster for a range of outlets.



After being interviewed on KBAQ’s “Heart of the Arts,” Isenberg was invited to host a four-part series about the literary culture in Phoenix, Arizona. These are the segments he produced with Jane Hilton.

  1. Essayist Amy Silverman
  2. Novelist Matt Bell
  3. Four Chambers Press (Literary Collective)
  4. YA Author Paul Mosier



Isenberg served for several months as an assistant producer for KJZZ in Phoenix. He helped develop stories for “The Show,” a nationally recognized news program with a Southwestern focus. During his tenure, “The Show” transitions from a one-hour program airing four days a week to a daily two-hour program. He pitched, researched, and booked interviews for the following segments.

  1. Archaeologist Challenges Long-Held Assumptions About Montezuma Castle
  2. More States Adopting Form of Physician-Assisted Suicide Policy
  3. Crowdsourcing vs. Venture Capital in the Valley of the Sun
  4. Metallic Asteroid Holds Clues About Earth
  5. Veteran Walks 2,220 Miles to Raise Awareness About Veteran Mental Health
  6. Sudanese Lost Boy Working on Autobiography
  7. Tucson to Expand Bike Trail System
  8. Sheriff’s New Community Outreach Coordinator Helps Repair Post-Arpaio Relationships
  9. Writers Resist Hosts Activist Reading in Phoenix
  10. Latino Performer Creates One-Man Show About Struggling Border Town
  11. San Francisco Responds to Trump’s Immigration Stance


Field Reporting and Podcasting

Isenberg has produced segments through PRX and the podcast “Rhody Radio.”

  1. “Whale of a Tale: The Nicholson Collection”
  2. Acupuncture’s Community Clinics
  3. The Dwarf Car Museum
  4. Homeless? Stranded? Alaskan Homeless Shelter Takes All
  5. One of Those Countries (about unrest in Gabon)
  6. A Quiet Place to Read (with 150 Other People)