Robert is available for freelance writing, photo assignments, readings, theatre, film, emceeing and performance. Feel free to contact him below.


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  1. Hey, I really enjoyed your blog about your ride across Costa Rica. I am a cyclist and a sometimes resident of Costa Rica, specifically Nosara. I cycle with a bunch of other enthusiasts in Canada and some of them have asked me about planning a road trip in CR. I keep telling them that cycling is not easy there. Now I have turned them onto your blog so they can see what I’m talking about. I too love Costa Rica and it’s lovely people. Thank you for sharing your adventure, loved every minute.

    • Jan: One of the best messages a writer could hope for — many thanks for reading, and so glad you enjoyed! When do you ride? I love the Nicoya Peninsula and have been dying to cycle more around that area. (So far only Montezuma to Cabo Blanco, and almost two years ago…)

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